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whose yo weed man how you smoke so good??????

Another long day but i feel productive so i guess it's all worth it. The damn spurs won tonite...i hate san antonio and everything about that stupid town. Ok that's enough about that. Me and Charmie laid out and went to the track today. I'm really tired from waking up so early, plus i got no sleep last nite. It was one of those sleeps where you wake up every hour bc you are afraid you are going to sleep in, plus it was storming really really bad. I turn 21 in 24 days.....OHHHHH HAAAAAY! Certain people better be coming in town or i'm gonna kick some serious ass!!! muah! Everyone is going to sixth street tomorrow nite but i cant go bc i have to wake up so early on friday....booooo! Oh well, i guess i should leave my fat girl ID to rest until i turn 21 so i don't jenks myself. Off to bed to get that beauty sleep!
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